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Safety. With ROI.

April 2, 2024

Safety. With ROI.

As a leader in our No Boots on the Ground® Trailer Collapse Prevention products, the Shuntable 2.0 Trailer Stand protects docks and dock workers with a long list of safety benefits. Read more about safety here!

But it’s also worth noting that the Shuntable 2.0 makes a very strong business case for itself too.

Rather than being delivered by a worker on foot (and in peril) in the busy dock approach, the Shuntable 2.0 is swiftly delivered by the Yard Jockey, in the same pass that it delivers the trailer to its dock position.

So quick and efficient is the process, that large loading dock operations are enthusiastically discovering there’s a big business upside to an already outstanding safety product.

For more information check out the Shuntable 2.0 product video by clicking here.