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Shuntable Takes Out Two Critical Risks

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If a spotted trailer is left unsupported at the nose, the inside of it becomes a critical risk area for a forklift operator who could be tossed around in a trailer collapse situation.  Similarly, a worker in the yard could be severely injured if they are near a collapsing trailer.

Traditional Trailer Stands positioned under the nose of the trailer help to mitigate the risk of trailer collapse, but the risks to dock workers in the yard go beyond that.  People working in the yard are in a danger zone where large and fast-moving vehicles with poor sightlines have the upper hand.  Serious injuries, and even fatalities, have occurred.



Shuntable Trailer Stand

The Shuntable Trailer Stand brings a whole new level of safety with a “No Boots on the Ground” approach to trailer collapse prevention.  Deployed by shunt truck, this ergonomic wonder is also completely hands-free, meaning there is no need for a worker to position the device.  Supporting the heaviest of trailers in high-traffic dock environments, the easy-to-deploy Shuntable Trailer Stand is our top-of-the-line safety solution.