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Sustainability – Something’s In The Air

February 4, 2024

Sustainability – Something’s In The Air

Air quality is a topic that shot into the spotlight for obvious reasons over the last few years. It’s widely acknowledged that there had not been enough effort made towards offering an appropriate standard of air quality in the workplace prior to 2019.

With a pandemic push opening doors (and windows), air quality control markets have seen significant growth driven by factors like rising consumer awareness, more stringent regulations, and a growing number of industries seeking to mitigate health risks for their workforces. With rapid market growth the importance of sustainability in an industry is magnified and in air quality control, there are important considerations.

AtomikAir – Industrial Strength Air Quality Control

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ AtomikAir air filtration system for large industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse environments is an example of a product that shines not only in the results it delivers, but also for its sustainability story.

The AtomikAir is an absolute workhorse that can process up to about one-million cu ft of air per hour. Its industry-leading filtration system captures suspended dust, particles, allergens, pollutants, and pathogens (mold, bacteria, viruses) as small as 0.3 microns. The system is even EPA certified as a pesticide device (meaning it is an effective deterrent to many airborne viruses and bacteria).

But the AtomikAir’s points of distinction don’t stop there. Recognizing that an air quality device should be able to tell a great sustainability story, consider AtomikAir’s list of pluses:

• Only washable/reusable MERV 13 filters in the market

• Despite its powerful turbines and incredible throughput, it draws a very efficient 4.8 amps

• By recirculating warmed air normally trapped at the ceiling, the unit can lower workplace heating needs by 20 to 40%

• At the end of life (way down the road) the majority of the unit is salvageable and/or recyclable

For more information on the AtomikAir, please have a peak at its product page, and watch the video here.