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Torture-Tested Strength

November 1, 2022

Torture-Tested Strength

Trailer stability is affected by a complicated relationship between trailer weight, landing gear placement, as well as the weight and placement of cargo and the forklift. Once the cab disengages from the trailer, the risk of collapse is extreme unless a secondary support system is utilized.

At Ideal Warehouse Innovations, we ensure that our trailer stand systems are torture-tested for the most reliable strength. Each are rated for 100,000 lbs of static load capacity, BUT the name of the game is dynamic load strength. In a collapse situation, the trailer is in motion not static. And that’s why we test all of our trailer stands with a free-fall drop of a trailer having at least 30,000 lbs concentrated in the nose.

To add another layer of confidence, our tests allow for a 6” gap between the trailer to ensure support even if the stands are not positioned flush to the underside of the trailer.

To watch the moment the drop-test happens click here.

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