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Visit our showroom at MODEX!

March 1, 2022

Visit our showroom at MODEX!

The spring trade show season is upon us and MODEX is the place to be for the best solutions to manufacturing and warehouse needs. Visit Ideal Warehouse Innovations at booth B6419 where we’ll showcase the following:

Trailer Support Systems – No Boots On The Ground™:

Our new trailer support systems take a No Boots On The Ground™ approach to safety. This ensures no worker is ever in harm’s way at a busy dock or at risk from trailer up-ending or landing gear collapse.

AutoStand Wide – Extra-Wide Trailer Stand Support:

Take this unit out for a test drive at MODEX! The AutoStand Wide is extra-wide to support two-thirds of the total trailer width and will easily hold up the heaviest of loads. Protect against the side-to-side rocking of a trailer due to forklift activity which can lead to a trailer tip-over or landing gear collapse.

The SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper – Eliminate the abrasion:

The abrasion caused during loading/unloading of the trailer is what kills the life of a dock bumper. Over time, any bumper will experience cheese grater like shredding due to the friction it endures. The SLIDE-effect® features a built-in sliding mechanism to limit the friction and abrasion, extending the bumper’s life and in turn protecting the dock.

Industrial Air Filters – Clean the air you breathe at work:

Clean air provides a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone working within it. The EcoAir (soon to be renamed to AtomikAir) Industrial Air Filter moves 1 million cubic feet of air slowly through its filters, which allows it to capture more harmful particles. On a smaller scale, the Jade 2.0 Air Purifier can be used in commercial environments. The Jade 2.0 will show off its sleek, slim and quiet operation at MODEX!

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